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Bathroom remodeling is another specialty of Onyx Construction. This can range from simply installing a new bathroom cabinet and sink to a complete remodeling where we remove all the fixtures, walls, tub, shower, vanity, floors, lighting and start from scratch.

The hardest part of any bathroom remodel is getting started. To get started you will need to come up with a budget that will fit your specific criteria and formulate a good bathroom remodeling idea based on your design. You will also have to develop a bathroom design that suits your lifestyle and personality.

With the knowledge we have developed as licensed general contractors we can also help you design the bathroom of your dreams including all the accessories that will be needed. We have special software that was developed for the construction industry that can show you what your bathroom design will look like before we start the demolition process.

onyx construction bathroom remodeling                onyx construction bathroom remodeling

There are as many ideas for designing and planning your bathroom renovations as you can imagine, because imagination is the driving force behind the decorative and bathroom design ideas that go into remodeling projects such as this. Some people bring the outdoors into their bathrooms , by adding large plants, outdoor lawn furniture, or even trellises, to dress up the room.

As an experienced general contractor we have numerous solutions for remodeling your bathroom on a tight budget, or if you are going to remodel a rental property. We can help with reducing the costs involved with a bathroom remodel. One item to help lower costs is to use in stock bathroom cabinets instead of custom made.

Cabinets or vanities are one of the most important parts of any bathroom remodel. These vanities can be made to look antique or ultra modern depending on the look you are going for. This can dramatically help to change the whole look of your bathroom. It can also be used as a focal point for the bathroom design by incorporating other features of the bathroom to match these vanities.

Bathroom sinks can no longer be overlooked anymore like they once were. The use of natural stones and glass is on the rise for sinks. By including a vessel sink or an under mount sink you can add an eye stopping feature that will definitely get noticed.

Our crews have the training and the know how to remodel your bathroom in the shortest amount of time without sacrificing any quality. There are a lot of different things that can go wrong during a bathroom remodel. By using a licensed and insured general contractor like Onyx Construction Group you will know that you have a professional craftsman onsite that can handle any problems that can occur.

So if you're building or remodeling your home, the bathroom is one space you can not afford to overlook. After considering how much time you spend in your bathroom, you definitely want that space to be comfortable, functional and attractive.



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