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There's nothing worse than getting ready for a nice hot soak only to discover you're in the midst of a cold water shower. If things simply never heat up, it's probably because your water heater has been working overtime and needs time to regenerate. But if your hot water shower turns suddenly chilly, the problem may lay within the unit itself. Here is a quick way to solve any hot water shower troubles.

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 There are two common kinds of bathtub leaks—the faucet drip and the underlying plumbing. In other words, you may be asking this question because you can hear the Chinese water torture of your bathtub, hate wasting the water, and are worried about the bathtub. Or, you may have water damage on the ceiling below the bathtub and need to find the leak and repair it and your ceiling. The answer to finding and repairing a bathtub leak is very different depending on the nature of the leak.

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 Most clogged drains get the chemical treatment. Although chemicals can be very effective in removing blockages, they sometimes only temporarily take care of a problem. Or they don't take care of it at all, which leaves you with pipes full of toxins. First off, try a safer homemade concoction: mix one cup of baking soda, three cups of boiling water, and pour it down the pipes. If this doesn't work, there are many fixes available to you before applying a toxic chemical agent or calling the plumber. Here are some quick tips:

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It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Another year has come and gone, and already it’s time for Spring cleaning. I’ve been getting bombarded with calls from people wondering whether or not Onyx does one time deep cleanings. In short, the answer is yes.

Give us a call today and we will come out to provide free estimate.

Or you can contact us by filling out our estimate form and someone will be in touch shortly.

So why should you choose Onyx as your house cleaning company?

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The most cost affective and quickest home improvement project is interior painting. Interior house painting can be simple or as elaborate as you prefer. You can transform the look of a room or your entire house using paint.

The most important spaces in our lives are inside our homes and most can benefit from a new look.

Interior painting is inexpensive, especially if you do it yourself. The real cost is in time. The cost saving

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Most of us are no strangers to the costly repairs that directly parallel owning a home. If you are one of the select few that has not had to deal with one of these less than fun tasks, get ready because you will, and most likely sooner than later.
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When you are ready to sell your home, careful selection of both interior and exterior paint colors can help make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Although you might love an unusual accent or wall color, quirky colors might be a turn-off to those looking at your house. 

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It's been called many different things—sheetrock, gypsum board, wallboard, and, of course, drywall. However, all these terms refer to the same thing: a panel consisting of a gypsum core surrounded by paper backings. It's become the most popular form of wall surfacing, quickly replacing the plaster found in older homes. Why? Because it's cheaper, lighter, and easier to install. Plus, it's not as hard as plaster, so it won't crack as fast, but it's also stronger: it tends to hold objects (such as picture frames) without special hanging devices. Though it's everywhere you look, this material may still be a mystery to homeowners. Therefore, here are some basics from the very start to its final finish.

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Drywall repair is a project that most homeowners will have to face at one time or another. It encompasses a wide range of problems that include everything from nail pops to holes from doorknobs to major repairs like water damage and cracks caused by a settling foundation. Whatever your problem is, it's important to understand the scope of the repair so that you don't get in over your head if you're a do-it-yourselfer.

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Most people choose a color for a room according to preference. If they love the color blue they select their favorite shade for a particular room in their home, but color has the power to significantly affect mood. Color will not only change the look of a room or space, but it will also affect people’s feelings in subconscious ways.  Read More »





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