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It is a glorious day when the last piece of furniture is carefully placed back in the room. The painter gathers the last drop cloth and the freshly cleaned paint brushes, rollers and buckets. The sun is shining in the back window, revealing that perfect blue, green or red that you worked so hard to find while strolling through countless paint and home improvement stores. Those weeks and months of planning are finished! But, as the painter cleans up his gear and leaves for the last time, your job is just beginning.  In order for those walls to stay in their perfect pristine state, you must be vigilant in taking care of them. Several easy steps will guarantee their fresh look for years to come.

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Most of the tips for interior house painting project tell you to move all of the furniture to the center of the room. This really is not very helpful. Think about a bedroom or living room. If you move all of the furniture to the middle of the room, you have created a huge obstacle to paint around. Even with the proper extension pole for your paint roller, such an obstacle in the center of the room is hard to work around. it is hard to reach over this obstacle to paint the ceiling. 

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Before even considering doing an interior house painting job you should walk through the area to be painted with your customer. During this inspection point out any paint that is in places where paint doesn’t belong. Look at all of the carpet, tile, or natural wood floor to find any paint spots. Frequently, paint can be found along the baseboards of the room. Also look for scratches on the wood or tile floor. Check wallpaper, counter tops, and any areas where there should not be any paint. Check all natural wood trim and doors for any paint. Loo

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Why should you paint rooms on the interior of a house? You will be better able to answer this question when the paint job is completed. At that time you will be proud of the beautiful new rooms that you have created. An interior paint job makes the home more attractive, clean, fresh and beautiful, just like it is brand new. Nothing improves the appearance of the home better than a fresh paint job.






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